Friday, February 8, 2008

Kicker S12L74 Subwoofer Review 2006-2008 Model - High Performance, Quality Construction, Powerful

Kicker's inventiveness is the ground why they're one of the top rivals for the best auto sound components. The consequence of that inventiveness is the production of Kicker's L7 Series Solo-Baric subwoofers. We will reexamine in this article particularly the S12L74; a 12" double 4 ohm L7 subwoofer.


Power handling, that is all Iodine have got to say. But really, this mighty subwoofer could manage monstrous 1500 Watts max with 750 Watts RMS. Unlike other cheaper companies, when Kicker state they have a 750 Watts RMS, they really make average 750 Watts RMS. This agency you can set out consistently loud (if supplied with proper power) bass on any given twenty-four hours and is capable of peaking at 1500 watts.

The cone is surprisingly not made of any unusual stuff but usages injection molded polypropylene. However, it is a 1 piece building in a patented designing Kicker dubbed as "SoloKon". And of course of study with Solo-Baric construction, it is a square design, allowing for more than than surface country and more bass production. To exceed it all off, the environ is Santoprene India rubber that is stitched to the cone, providing a highly lasting building that volition certain to forestall tearing during high powerfulness usage.


The subwoofer is costly but you acquire what you pay for and this subwoofer will definitely affect you with its quality and SPL. With all these great punching features, the subwoofer makes have got one more than drawback other than the price, and that is its break-in period.

The designing necessitates the consumer to utilize the subwoofer at low degrees for at least 20 hours or about two weeks. This volition let for the suspension construction to travel around a spot before it is pushed to its optimal capability. It's a batch like how stiff baseball game gloves are when you purchase them trade name new from the store, and they necessitate a spot of breakage in and wear before it could be at all usable on the field. Unfortunately users will run a immense hazard of blowing out the talkers if they make not properly follow Kicker's recommendation.

Newer Model Changes Notes

The 2008 and newer theoretical accounts will have a modified SoloKon designing with full dorsum bracing to let more than than efficient air movement, giving the new L7 bombers the ability to plug much more powerful bass. Unlike the 2006 model, the new 2008 theoretical accounts have got margin venting. It looks a batch like a manus retention a square bowl; where as the aged theoretical accounts have got virtually no gaps for venting. As a result, there is no demand for other mounting space for venting-giving you the same powerful subwoofer with a much shallower mounting depth. The cone designing have changed a spot as well, giving the 2008 theoretical accounts a fresh but fashionable new look; and don't worry about powerfulness handling because powerfulness evaluations are rated at the same as the aged models. Binding stations have got also been repositioned to the corners of the subs. This volition let for a more than convenient installing for multiple-subwoofer setups.


The Kicker 06S12L74 is a brilliant subwoofer and will execute admirably at unbelievable powerfulness handling levels. The subwoofer characteristics a batch of high public presentation parts and construction, and the subwoofer will make just what you anticipate it to do. If you have got the other hard cash and if you're willing to travel through the break-in process, you may be rewarded by this great Kicker subwoofer.

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