Wednesday, December 31, 2008

High-Tech Cars With High-Tech Tools

When asked in the 1920s about the optional colours available for his entry-level models, Henry John Ford is rumored to have got got answered, "You can have any colour you desire as long as it's black." Some car makers offering over 40 different criterion colours in their merchandise lines. Considering how many options are available on today's cars, from bigger wheel rims to high-tech driver AIDS like pilotage systems, the possible combinations run into the millions.

At the high end of the auto market, auto gross sales and leasing houses (and their employees) accomplish success in a competitory marketplace by being educated and up-to-date in their cognition of cars, the auto industry and the high-tech devices now being used regularly in new cars. A salesman or leasing representative now necessitates to be versed in digital engineering - sound systems, alarms, DVD displays, tracking devices and so forth - in order to make a good job. There is a batch to maintain up on!

Location, location, location

One emerging engineering that have been increasingly popular, with both makers and drivers, is the Global Placement System (GPS). Portable units of measurement that cost $2000 in 1997 are available today for as small as $100 and are easily mounted in the instrument panel area. Of course, a pilotage system featuring both general practitioners and a graphical user interface (Graphical User Interface) for easiness of usage come ups as factory-installed equipment now. These tin also command the car's sound system, DVD participants and any other multimedia system devices.

In improver to everything else a driver might desire programmed into the car's system, the computer address and contact information for the car insurer's Collision Coverage Centers can be stored there for contiguous entree in lawsuit of an accident. Car valet de chambre services and auto lease services can also be entered into the pilotage system, as well as auto fix stores that are members of the insurer's Direct Repair Program (DRP).

Insurance travels high-tech, too

In an accident or other emergency, location and contact information to acquire help, set up a towage or ran into up with a mobile coverage adjustor will be right at hand. In fact, an coverage claims adjustor can now drive to the scene of an accident, take a image with a wireless, Internet-enabled digital photographic camera and upload it to a unafraid Web land site for expedited review. This mobile, Web-centric procedure is known as "insurance imaging" and have saved a enormous amount of time, energy and money for both drivers and insurers.

Every country of life have been affected, overwhelmingly to the good, by the technological progresses of the past hundred years. Systems now being installed in autos for address recognition, clang turning away and artificial satellite trailing are going to acquire smaller, better, faster and cheaper as clip travels on, as this is the manner engineering matures. With that ripening procedure come ups ever-increasing safety and security for drivers and occupants. This is an country where many engineerings meet, offering advantages that are far greater than the sum of money of the high-tech parts. Stay tuned for continuing advances! 

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